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Case Study : The Chain of responsibility


Please find attached a recent case highlighting the importance of understanding responsibilities under the new regime of The Chain of responsibility.  Under the regime new Increased penalties came into effect 1st October 2018. It is mandatory for importers to ensure compliance of container loads originating from supplier/shipper factories. Please refer to the attached table of maximum weights pertaining to container types and split by gross and net weight maximum weights. You will note at the top of the table the advice to instruct supplier/shippers to load evenly and beneath the maximum weights to ensure compliance.


Ocean Freight : General Rate Increase April 2019.


Shipping lines have published in unison an intent to implement a general rate increase Asia to Australia effective 1st April 2019. While current bookings could not guarantee the creation of  demand to enforce such an increase, the introduction of a “slack season programme” will fit the bill.  The “slack season programme’ essentially ensures service continuity, avoiding omissions, but with adjusted capacity to match the lower volume .  The proposed quantum of increase are below . Rate increases will only be billed where necessary and for the duration of the shipping line increase of same.


General Rate Increase ( GRI ) NORTH/NORTH EAST ASIA: Effective 01.04.19


LCL       : USD 12.00 PER CBM

20 GP  : USD 300.00 PER TEU

40 GP  : USD 600.00 PER FEU

Unravelling Liabilities In The Chain Of Responsibility