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Company Profile

Specific Freight was founded in 1988. As a fully owned Australian company, we provide our clients with a full and comprehensive range of services which include : International freight forwarding, customs brokerage, domestic transportation and logistical expertise including 3PL Warehousing. We have developed a strong customer focus by listening to our customers; focusing on their current needs and assisting them to develop their future goals. We set our targets by not only being a logistics provider for our customers in their current environment but through our team of dedicated staff, working with our clients towards reaching their goals.

We understand that organisations today are becoming increasingly aware of the impact that efficient logistics services can make to their business. Increasing globalisation of markets and competition has resulted in organisations’ attempts to reduce costs, thus giving them a competitive advantage.

Our aim is to assist our clients in gaining this competitive advantage by offering an alternative to the logistics process which will give them both financial benefits and peace of mind, knowing their products are handled professionally, on time and with the most cost effective service available.

Our philosophy is simple – we understand that the most important ingredient of a company in the service industry is to have trained capable and motivated staff who have a caring attitude. All our staff have a positive, professional approach to handling our clients requirements; each are specialists in their own field, but are adaptable to change. We believe in cross training our staff to ensure professional, efficient and on time service is always maintained.

Our customers can rest assured that whatever their requirements are we will work with them to provide creative solutions for optimum results and benefits.

The team at Specific Freight look forward to being of service to YOU.