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Emergency Port Congestion Surcharge : New York


Increased cargo volumes, NY terminal work, weather conditions and chassis shortage has seen exponential increases in drayage congestion at New York terminals. This has led to a port congestion surcharge to be levied to address the subsequent costs that go hand in hand with such events.


Emergency Congestion surcharge on exports from US : USD 4.00 per cbm

Port Congestion surcharge on imports to US : USD  4.00 per cbm

Containers : TBA per carrier line


Long Beach Los Angeles


A perfect storm has been brewing at the port ultimately resulting in delays for imports and exports.  Congestion has currently been upgraded to *severe*.


A labour shortage sees vessels waiting for 2-3 shifts to pass before being unloaded. This results in delayed cargo, vessel delays and vessel bunching at the harbour. With recent volume increase , this resulted in traffic congestion around the port and truck power not able to keep up with the demand due to the inefficiences the events have resulted in.  In turn this results in the delay of containers and chassis being returned back into the cycle. Terminal space has now reached breaking point which has effected operational flow and presenting somewhat as a  gridlock. Railcar supply has also been challenged by severe weather conditions in other states coupled with disrupted processes within the LGB terminal.


USA General Rate Increase


Current market conditions in USA have led to potential rate increases on USA routes to Australia. Our customer service teams will work on case by case scenario with clients as bookings become visible.


Shipping line publications have annouced the quantums below


LCL : USD 10.00 per w/m cbm

20 GP Container : USD 250.00 per teu

40 GP Container : USD 500.00 per feu





Current regulations require all export cartons to be marked as follows : Please ensure all cargo destined for export has these markings at time of collection or at time of delivery. The details on the cartons must have direct links to the corresponding paperwork of the shipment.


  1. Shipper of origin
  2. Consignee details including name and full address
  3. Number of packages : i.e. 1 of 4 , 2 of 4, etc etc ¼ 2/4


Should you have any queries on the above subject matter please do not hesitate to speak directly to our team for assistance and clarification.