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Global carrier schedules have unfortunately been negatively impacted by a series of events in 2020.  Partial collapse of Asian export markets during COVID 19 shut downs saw a shrinkage in capacity that has now not been recovered as we march into peak shipping periods.


The Asia to Australia route has also been dealt delays due to weather conditions causing port rotations and at times further delays due to Covid 19 quarantine restrictions .


Our major routes are  currently displaying excess bookings for space across all carriers. This may affect all importers at some point in the coming quarter.

Carriers are not releasing new contracts which is a certain indication they do not have the confidence to move existing volume already forecast.

While we have lengthy relationships with all prime carriers , it is apparent that at times we are also going to be effected by the current space conditions and this may not be rectified in the short term.

Our strategy is to ensure our bookings are as early as possible ,spaced across our allocations for each carrier and that containers are delivered to the port of export in a timely manner.

Our teams will continue to follow procedure and ensure we have ticked every box to allow safe passage for export.  We will work to minimise  any potential delays .

However there may be times, despite our best efforts , where carriers have to balance the volume across all business and all logistics providers will face the same issue of containers not moving on the targeted vessel.

Please understand once the containers have been delivered into carrier yards at origin , there is no avenue for transparency of what is actually loaded per vessel in real time.

Carriers will generally distribute load information after the vessel ETD .

Our customer service teams will continue to work to deliver carrier communications at the soonest opportunity after receipt. Should you have any queries please contact your customer service representative directly.